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STP Pest Control, with our numerous years of experience we understand how it feels when you discover you’ve got pest problems. We will be more than willing to call on you and determine the best pest control services in Birmingham to your particular pest problem.

Get in touch with STP pest control in Birmingham and can will provide you at absolutely no cost or commitment, our very best recommendations on how to solve your pest problems, quickly, safely and effectively.

We provide expert services in Birmingham;

  • Squirrels Controls Service
  • Rat Controls Service
  • Wasps Bees Control Service
  • Ant Control Service
  • BedBugs Controls Service

Feel free to contact us, the at brendan@stopthatpest.co.uk and follow us at Facebook.

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Rats and Mice

Rats and mice are a serious problem in winter as they seek food and warmth. Rats can cause electrical fires by chewing through

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Wasps and Bees

Wasps and bees become increasingly visible in the summer months but are a much greater threat to people in the autumn.

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Distribution: Native to North America. Introduced to Great Britain, Ireland.Habitat: Prefers mature deciduous .

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Commercial Customers

STP Pest Control LTD operates in the West Midlands, Solihull; based in Birmingham. If you’re in need of, or looking for, a good pest control company that takes care of your long term pest management requirements (removal and prevention) in the future with a flexible Pest Control Services contract please feel free to give us a call.

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