Bed Bugs Control: Busting some myths that hamper- the process of removal

Bed bugs are the most dangerous pests that can infest your homes. What makes matters worse is it is difficult to spot. These multiply quickly and if not dealt with at the appropriate time can cause you nightmares. No matter how difficult the process of bed bug control is, it is not unachievable. Cross infestation pests which are brought in by people or things can be controlled by deploying certain measures like pest control, bed bug treatment and ensuring that people or things which come inside the house are clean and sanitized.

There are a number of myths regarding bed bugs which further make- it difficult to control their rampage. Here are some of them:

  • Myth 1: Bed bugs bite only at night time, when you are sleeping on the beds.

This is not true. Bed bugs can bite you at multiple locations such as cinema theatres, a sofa lounge, or even on an airplane seat. Though statistically bed bug bites are more at night, they are equally active during the day.

  • Myth 2: Bed bugs are only found on the beds.

These bugs can be found anywhere, especially in those parts of your house that is dark, damp and devoid of proper ventilation.

  • Myth 3: A DIY is enough to counter these creatures.

Often we underestimate bed bugs and consider it easy to handle by the homeowners themselves. The reproduction rate of the bedbugs is high, and they cause bites which are painful and can cause more serious diseases. A professional service can help you not only control but also eradicate these harmful pests from your home permanently.

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