Bed Bugs and Fleas

Bed Bugs and Fleas are a nightmare. At STP Pest Control LTD, we know how much of a worry they are and how important it is that your home is kept clean and safe from these pests. Our expert team is fully trained in dealing with these tricky bugs. Plus, our service also means these unwanted guests won’t be coming back. Remember, the sooner you call us, the faster and easier the removal will be. Get in touch for a free quote if you have any concerns with bed bugs or fleas.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are not an immediate danger to your health. Instead of carrying diseases, they affect your quality of life, keeping you awake at night. Unfortunately, they are also pretty tough, surviving for up to a year with no food. As such, we specifically choose our treatment options to be as effective as possible. The process is very thorough, which is vital as all potentially affected objects have to be treated. Don’t risk them coming back again. Call us today for your bed bug treatment.


Fleas are small, wingless insects, often carried by pets. Cats and dogs may pick these up while outside and bring them into your home. Telltale signs of fleas can include pets scratching excessively, itching on yourself or small red bites. Flea removal requires complete treatment of all affected materials. You can spot fleas early and have them treated sooner rather than later, protecting your home from these nasty pests. It is also very important for protecting your pets!

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