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Birds are a huge problem, particularly in urban areas. Pigeons and gulls are frequently causing damage, spreading filth and being nuisances to home and business owners alike. Birds will also often nest in roof spaces or under solar panels, where droppings can accumulate around your home or business premises. Here at STP Pest Control LTD, we are experts in removing and preventing issues with birds.

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Pigeons will nest in large numbers, and can be spotted easily because of their noise and the mess they leave behind. For home and business owners, solar panels, window sills, and more are usually the targets of pigeons, whether they’re roosting or nesting, they can leave behind a huge amount of guano. This not only looks unsightly, but it can also harbour bacteria and diseases.

With our pest removal services, we will swiftly remove the pigeons, and install preventive measures such as netting or spikes to ensure they do not return.

Commercial Prevention

We strongly believe prevention is the best method of pest control. Deterrents such as netting and spikes are ideal for commercial and residential properties, where birds are becoming out of control. Netting for restaurants and pubs are a great option to prevent seagulls, whilst spikes will prevent pigeons from being able to take up residence. Whatever your needs, we will have a solution for you. 

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