Fabric Pests

Fabric pests are those that like to live amongst your textiles. Bedding, clothes, carpets and more are often the target for these pests, and they can cause a considerable amount of damage if left untreated. If you think you have an issue that you would like to eradicate quickly and effectively, give our team a call.

What Are They?

Fabric pests are insects that favour natural fibres, these are typically more expensive garments, carpets or soft furnishings made from real wool, silk, animal fur, feathers, leather and more. Moths and many beetle species will feed on the natural keratin contained within these garments, causing chaos and destruction if left untreated.

Insects you may spot include:

If you are unsure on the type of insect you have, please get in touch.

How To Spot Them?

As the name suggests, fabric pests will typically be found on or around your fabrics. Carpet beetles will leave tell-tale signs they have been there by leaving small patches of bare carpet. Clothes moths will leave small holes in clothing, thinner patches on curtains, rugs, or carpets. Without proper treatment and prevention, these small insects can create a lot of damage.


Regardless of what type of insect you have in your house, it’s never good news when you spot one. Luckily, our specialist services are capable of removing and fully eradicating any insect from your home, ensuring they do not return. We can also give you advice and guidance to further prevent future infestations.

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