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IPC is an approach to pest management with a focus on reducing its environmental impact. We prioritise long term solutions and prevention over excessive chemical use.

This depends on the treatment. For many services, you can be at home during the process. If it requires heavy chemical use, such as fogging or spray treatments, we will advise you when it is safe to return, but this is usually no more than a few hours.

Naturally, this depends on the service. Some pests, like rodents, require more call-outs than others, such as insects. Costs are case by case but calling to get a quote is free and there is no obligation.

We take every measure to ensure pets and young children are safe. The chemicals we use are designed specifically for the pests we are targeting, and used in small quantities. You will always be aware of where we have placed traps and used chemicals, so there are no surprises.

Certain bird species are protected by law, which means you cannot tamper with their nest. We can still help with controlling the issue and preventing future nests.

Yes. If you need regular services or large-scale pest control, get in touch today to discuss our options.

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