Insect Removal

Insect infestations can be hard to remove, because they are difficult to spot and identify and are often fast acting. They come in different shapes and sizes, with certain insects being more common in varying months. If you believe you have an insect problem, contact us today for our insect removal services.

Insects We Remove

Insect is a broad term, but we strive to help no matter what you might need help with. We can help eradicate:

If you are unsure on the type of insect you have, please get in touch.

Ant Removal

Regardless of what type of ant you could have in your house, it’s never good news when you spot one. Luckily, our specialist services are capable of removing even the notorious Pharaoh ants. Plus, we are fully equipped to help ensure an infestation does not return, so you don’t need to go through it all over again. Feel comfortable in your home again and call us today.

Cockroach Removal

There is an urban myth that we do not find cockroaches in the UK. Whilst rarer than other insects, we certainly can and do find cockroaches across the country. Those that live in urban areas are at a particularly higher risk of seeing them, but it can happen anywhere. If you see something you think could be a sign of a cockroach infestation, call us now. Our team will quickly assess your situation, helping you to identify what the problem might be and getting your home or property back up to scratch.

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