Rodent Removal

Rodents are a very common pest, and sometimes you can find yourself with a problem that might not even be your fault. Usually requiring a food source, they may also simply nest near a food or water source, and that could end up being in your property. Once in your home, they can cause structural damage as well as being a hygiene risk.
Our services also include contaminated loft insulation removal and replacement.
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Rats and Mice

When someone says rodent, these are what jump to mind first. Rats and mice are destructive, fast-growing and hard to get rid of. Because of how quickly they spread, a few traps are normally not enough to stop a problem. Furthermore, they often find a way in to a property through holes and gaps, and if these aren’t fixed it’s very likely a new nest can start after one is removed. Our expert team will perform full surveys and observations, finding all potential sources of a rat or mice infestation.


The grey squirrel was introduced in 1876, and has since become a pest in the UK. Native to North America, they carry diseases which are fatal to our red squirrels, and have spread to be incredibly common. Their aggressive nature means they are notoriously destructive and problematic if living near a home. Although they are naturally woodland creatures, they have adapted to survive in urban areas off of our food, and might make their home in your loft.

Contaminated Loft Insulation Removal

When pests take over your loft space, they can contaminate the insulation that is up there. Droppings, nests, and urine can make your insulation unhygienic, and the general destruction that these pests can cause may make it not as effective at keeping your home warm. 

Once your pest issue is under control, we offer an insulation removal and replacement service, making your loft space as good as new again. Call us today for further information. 

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